Could ADD & ADHD Be Caused by Lack of Oxygen?

Here is something obsolete, hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBoT was utilized by scuba and deep sea sailors to alleviate themselves of a deadly condition called decompression illness or the pops. The bends is due when heavy sea sailors come up to the surface too fast. Afflicted divers are set in a pressure vessel which reproduces the pressures that the body experiences submerged in a pure oxygen atmosphere.

This is something outdated, in the 1980s that the king of pop Michael Jackson surfaced to everyone who by obtaining hyperbaric oxygen therapy he’d live up to 150 years old. He had been viewed as a quack by several back then and nothing has ever changed for Mr. Jackson.

But this really is something fresh, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is currently known as a powerful treatment for other problems like wounds and sores that are not easy to cure. This is something brand new still, physicians and new-age therapist today recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a cure for a broad assortment of issues such as Attention-deficit hyperactivy disease or ADD/ADHD.

Studies have already suggested that kids who have ADD/ADHD have decreased regional cerebral blood circulation. Studies have also demonstrated that ADD/ADHD are linked to environmental toxins which are known to aggravate the syptoms. And oxygen through HBOT helps in cleansing the entire body of those toxins.

HBOT with the usage of oxygen will flush out those toxins and also help cells and tissues to regenerate and heal mold their damaging consequences. HBOT increases the availability of oxygen to the mind and also improve cognitive functioning. Brain scans have already proven this. There’s a substantial growth in brain function in individuals who have experienced HBOT.

Their kids also love and look forward to their following program for the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. HBOT is a secure, noninvasive and non toxic therapy. Hyperbaric chambers are also quite spacious that child and adult can both match in exactly the exact same moment. Parents even read books or play with a match in the chat room with their child during the therapy. The therapy also requires an hour.

Therefore, in case you know a person who has obtained ADD/ADHD. It may help them to be aware that there are now other medicines in treating ADD/ADHD particularly when traditional medicines have failed. Just by talking about it you also get to help somebody. Have a wholesome life.

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